Profen Defence Technologies has a high degree of technical expertise in design, development, system integration and provision of satellite communication systems, ground stations and networks. Detailed technical proposals are prepared before the project award, which includes extensive system design, analysis, link budgets and reliability considerations to ensure Profen Defence Technologies delivers complex network solutions that are reliable and cost effective.

For legacy systems, Profen Defence Technologies provides retrofit upgrades, refurbishment, relocation & realignment, repair & replacement services. With a team of highly experienced and industry trained personnel, Profen Defence Technologies can deliver projects of any size and budget. Profen Defence Technologies’ senior staff exhibit excellent project management and communication skills for challenging environments where security, cultural, ethnic and environmental factors are determining factors.

Profen Defence Technologies offers a full line of maintenance services contracts, including preventive maintenance, remedial maintenance and full service maintenance contracts for customers’ continuous support requirements. These services, given by experienced field technicians and engineers, provide continuous operation of the systems with minimum downtime and repair costs.

Profen Defence Technologies also provides training on O&M courses, troubleshooting and preventative maintenance, antenna RF theory, controller commissioning and troubleshooting, antenna electrical/mechanical parameter verification and training tailored to specific antennas and/or customer needs.