Tailor-Made Strategic and Tactical Communications Solutions

Profen Defence Technologies designs and builds tactical and strategic satellite communications systems for local, regional and global customers to provide business continuity in mission critical applications. These solutions include communication technologies such as LTE, microwave, Wi-Fi, satellite, optical, copper in various formats such as manpack, vehicle mounted terminals, SOTMs, shelters, airborne and deployable systems. All-in-one complex solutions can be controlled by Profen Defence Technologies’ own M&C system called YIGIT.

With scalable production, in-house design and a modular, flexible approach, Profen Defence Technologies provides COTS systems right through to custom designed communications systems in a secure and controlled environment.

X-Y Pedestal Antenna

  • Ideal for use with LEO and MEO satellites
  • Earth Observation and Imaging 
  • Remote Sensing
  • Communication and TT&C
  • Design from L-Band to Ka-Band
  • Dish sizes from 2.0 m to 7.5 m
  • Carbon fibre reflectors
  • Optional FSS sub-reflector
  • Backlash free Cycloid reducers
  • Overhead keyhole free full motion

ManPack Terminal

  • Lightweight and portable antenna
  • Ideal for dismounted soldier or first responder 
  • Uninterrupted communication in highly rural areas and harsh environments
  • Exceptional RF performance
  • Operational and logistic advantages over its competition
  • Compact design and intelligent packaging 
  • One-man setup and operation
  • Optional hard transit case
  • Meets standard CAA baggage size for carry-on baggage

Vehicle Mounted Terminal (SOTM)

  • Lightweight and portable antenna
  • High-throughput communication system on-the-move 
  • Reliable and easy connectivity for any vehicle, vessel or fixed platform
  • Robust architecture suitable for land-mobile and maritime environments
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Solid-state electronically-steered antenna
  • Fast-tracking, on-the-move connectivity

Flyaway Terminal

  •  Lightweight and compact antenna
  • Specially developed for IP data communications 
  • Video-audio delivery
  • Ideal for SNG, GSM Backhaul, CCTV, Disaster Management, Oil & Gas Exploration, Military & Backup Communications
  • Fully motorized offset antenna
  • Aerodynamic cowling for better vehicle driving performance
  • Easy integration on standard vehicle load bars
  • Easy operation with standard Ka-Band modems
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